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ASIAN AURA Wax Tea Light Candle, Pack of 50 Pieces, Unscented


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Smokeless Tealight Candles,4 Hrs Burning Use At Home And Also Use In Diwali Home Decorations,Eco friendly N Disposable. These Unscented Tea Lights Are Offered In A 50-Piece Pack. Although All Tea Lights May Look The Same, These High Quality Ones Burn For A Full 4 Hours, Twice As Long As Standard Tea Lights With A Strong Flame. Tea Lights Come In A Traditional Metal Tin Container And Are Pure White. They Are Flat At The Top. Fits All Tea Light Lanterns. Gives The Same Amount Of Light And Lasts Longer. These Candles Do Not Produce Smoke. Suitable For Celebrating Any Occasion Or Festival. Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors. Sitting Alone Or Beside A Loved One, Amidst A Cluster Of Flickering Candle Lights Is An Experience Like No Other. Gift Yourself A Few Minutes Of Calm And Serenity By Lighting These Tealight Candles.Perfectly Suited For A Variety Of Decorative Uses, Small Self-Contained Candles Are Excellent For Lanterns, Tabletop Candle Holders, Hanging Votive Decor, Oil Warmers And So Much More. This Candles Are Suitable For Various Festivals, Occasions, Home Decor, Parties Etc Made From Premium Quality Wax. Each Weighing Up To 10Gms Which Gives Light Approx 0.5H To 1.3H Depending On Your Ambiance.

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